Saturday, November 04, 2006

This picture is just a small example of my creativity behind the camera...there is so much more to explore in this photography world that it will probably take me my whole life to understand it all! Which I find very exciting, because it means I will never stop learning. Of course this is a collage, but the style of picture was taken at the school I attend. DESCRIPTION: It was about 3am and I could not sleep, so I went for a walk on campus. The previous few days it had been raining non-stop, so campus was still wet and the fog had settled in, thus giving it the mistified look. I took these pictures with a digital Canon Rebel XT and have not doctored them other than to put them in collage form for this blog. As I recall it was the beginning of this year, not long after New Years Day. I have a hand full more of these pictures which I may blog later, but I had just made this collage using Picasa and just had to share it with you! Hope you enjoy, I sure did and I thank my Lord for giving me the creativity to be able to take these kinds of pictures. I am currently working on a web site and hope to have it up soon so everyone can view the work and passions behind and in front of the camera. Cheers for now.
Oh yeah if anyone wants some of these pictures email me at :)
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